Travel Reads: Dead Until Dark

The same day I purchased a copy of Greywalker at the GoodWill, I also picked up Charlaine Harris’ book, Dead Until Dark. This is the first Sookie Stackhouse book … a blending of the mystery and light horror genres that not only led to a series of at least nine books, but also the hit […]

Travel Reads: Greywalker

There’s a fine veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead and only a rare individual can walk pull it back and walk in both worlds. Reluctantly, Harper Blaine has recently become one of those singular individuals. And her life has taken a unique and terrifying twist. Written by Kat […]

Travel Reads: The Second Ship

What if the ship that landed in New Mexico back in 1947 wasn’t the only one to crash that day? Enter the lives of Heather, Mark and Jennifer … three students at Los Alamos High School who find the second ship and are thrust into a world filled with government cover ups, secretive scientists and […]

Travel Reads: Sudden Fiction (Continued)

Sometimes you can find genre fiction in very non-genre-y places. Take the Sudden Fiction series of books, of which I recently finished reading the third in the series, Sudden Fiction (Continued). These books are a celebration of what has been called flash fiction, sudden fiction, very short fiction, and more. Basically, these are extremely short […]

Science Fiction Out of the Box

The other night I finished reading Michael Crichton’s novel, Next. And it got me to thinking. 1. Is this book truly a novel? Although interesting, entertaining and all the other things a good read should be, it felt more like a collection of interconnected short stories. There really was no primary story or plot to […]

Travel Reads: Dragon Queen

The promotional material had this to say of Dragon Queen: “Yavie awakes from the slumber of death to a shattered world she does not recall to find herself betrayed by her lover, her siblings and even her father. In a desperate search for the truth, Yavie and her guardians embark on a quest more filled […]

Books on Space Tourism

When I read in Popular Science that Eric Anderson, the CEO of Space Adventures, the first “cosmic travel agency,” I was intrigued. So I went over to and did a search. Would you believe that there are several books on space tourism? And they aren’t fiction! Amazon even sells articles on the topic. Well, […]