If you are an author, filmmaker, tour operator, game developer or other professional offering products and services of interest to science fiction, fantasy or horror fans, I think we can help each other out.

To inquire about any of the below services, just contact me.

Complimentary Services

I’m always looking for new content for the blog and podcast. So, to encourage you to help me out, I offer the following complimentary services.


  • Authors: Send me a copy of your book and I’ll add it to the review queue. I promise to give your work an honest review. Read some of my past reviews and you’ll see that I’m fair … even if I don’t like a book, I can still find something nice to say about it. NOTE: The book review queue is very long, so I am being extremely selective about the books I accept. Pleast contact me before shipping any books.
  • Filmmakers: Send me a copy of your DVD or a ticket to a screening, and I’ll write up a review of your film. You can read previous DVD and film reviews here.
  • Others: If your product, service or event is appropriate for my audience, and you provide me with a sample or ticket, I’ll write a review.

Event Announcements

Do you have an event coming up that would be of interest to science fiction, fantasy and/or horror fans? Let me know about it and I’ll post an announcement on the blog.

Joint Ventures and Creative Promotions

Got an idea for something else that will benefit my audience and your business? I’m open to discussing what we can create together. I have more than 20 years of marketing experience, so I’m sure we can come up with something.

Podcast Interview — ON HIATUS

The Genre Traveler Podcast features chats with authors, filmmakers, actors, fans, special effects artists … basically, anyone that is involved in the science fiction, fantasy and/or horror community. These interviews can help promote your work or just set you up as an expert in a related area.

Paid Services

On Location Behind the Scenes Marketing

Do you need a “behind the scenes” correspondent to develop content that you can drip out into the market to promote your event, production or film? I can create a content development and implementation plan that will build buzz and get fans salivating for what you are creating. Articles, podcasts, videos, social media, website … all these things need content and I can help you create content that is compelling. From interviews with key players to supporting collateral, I can help you do all that for a very reasonable price.

Online Marketing Consultation

Need help with your website? At a loss on how to leverage social media to get the word out about your book, film, or other product or service? I have more than 20 years experience in marketing and public relations, as well as more than 10 years, experience online content development. I’ve even written two books on online marketing. I can help you develop an online marketing plan … and even help you implement it … that gets the word out about what you have to offer.

Wondering who this Carma person is and how she can offer these services? In addition to the About page here, you can learn more about me at my umbrella website DragonWyze International and my coaching website.