The Genre Traveler Podcast Celebrates 1 Year

I first began posting The Genre Traveler Podcast in September 2010. I started out bi-monthly, but moved to weekly after only one month. Thank you to all my wonderful guests for agreeing to chat with me for 30 minutes about all things science fiction, fantasy and horror. And thank you to all my listeners for giving me a reason to keep on keeping on!


podcastlogoThe Genre Traveler Podcast features chats with all sorts of individuals connected to the science fiction, fantasy and horror communities, from authors to actors, from directors to artists, from fans to musicians … and everyone in between.

These chats focus on all aspects of “seeing the world through genre colored glasses,” from travel to sense of place to perspective. And sometimes episodes are just two people chatting about what interests them in SF/F/H.

What makes The Genre Traveler Podcast different from other podcasts is that it is not your typical interview format. It is more casual and truly is a conversation between two people who have an interest in and passion for science fiction, fantasy and/or horror. As you listen to an episode, you can almost imagine that you are at someone’s home, listening in on an interesting dialogue. This format allows guests to do more than just promote their work, they get to explore the ideas behind their work, the trends their work is helping form and more. You’ll hear more than the typical canned questions and answers you’ll find in other audio interviews.

In addition, I add additional information that elaborates on topics covered in the podcast on the episode’s page. If I or my guest make a reference to something, such as an author, concept or work, I add notes about it below. That way everyone listening to the podcast can be on the same page and enjoy what for some could be an obscure reference. Several of my guests have commented on how much they like these notes. I hope you find them useful, too.

If you have a suggestion for someone you’d like to hear on the podcast, please contact me with any and all information you have about that individual. Let’s make this our show … not my show!

A schedule of future shows is posted here. For already posted episodes, go here.

If you’d like to help support this podcast, you can donate through PayPal using the form on this page.

To help defray the cost of hosting the podcast, archived episodes greater than four months old will be made available for sale at $0.99 per episode. Eventually, CDs with two episodes each will also be made available for sale.

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Do you have a suggestion for someone you’d like to hear on the podcast? Please contact me with any and all information you have about that potential guest. Let’s make this our show … not my show!

Feedback from Previous Guests

Woodrow Wilson“Thank you, Carma, for preparing and publishing my podcast interview. You sounded professional through the whole thing. You made me sound pretty good.”

Woodrow Wilson
Author, Dead Astronauts

Mardi-Ellen Hill“You did an amazing job of presenting the content! Hats off to you for the presentation on every level. I loved reading about anything that might be obscure to people. So far getting amazing feedback!”

Mardi-Ellen Hill
Creator, The Spell of Vaugirard

Matt Cardin's comment on Facebook

Matt Cardin
Writer and Independent Scholar

AC Wise

A.C. Wise
Science Fiction Writer

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