Forthcoming Episodes

Here is the schedule of future podcast episodes. This schedule can change at any time and may not be comprehensive.

February 2012

#69, Feb. 6 – Trisha Wooldridge, current president of Broad Universe
#70, Feb. 20 – Ann Wilkes, science fiction writer, editor, blogger

March 2012

#71, March 5 – Gustavo Bondoni, internationally published science fiction/fantasy writer
#72, March 19 – A.C. Wise, science fiction writer

April 2012

#73, April 2 – Nancy Jane Moore, short story writer
#74, April 16 – Ed Pessalano, author of Night Shivers


Do you have a suggestion for someone you’d like to hear on the podcast? Please contact me with any and all information you have about that potential guest. Let’s make this our show … not my show!