About the Calendar of Genre Events

The Genre Traveler Calendar of Events is intended to be a go-to resource for all types of events that would be of interest to science fiction, fantasy and horror fans — conventions, art shows, cinema events, clubs, festivals, haunts, and more. Launched on March 19, 2018, it is a work in progress.

For Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Fans

Want to find information about upcoming conventions, festivals and other events around the world? The Calendar of Genre Events is your go-to resource. Events listed come from research and are submitted by event organizers.

For Event Organizers

Advertise your upcoming events here. If you’re running a convention or event anywhere, be sure to submit it for a no-cost listing in this calendar. Featured posts on the blog before, during or after your event are available. Contact me for more information and discuss how we can work together.

If you would like your event listed on the calendar, please use this form:

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    I’ll pull a representative image from your event’s website. If there is one you would like me to use, in particular, send it to editor@thegenretraveler.com and reference your event.


    What is a science fiction, fantasy or horror convention?

    A fun event for fans of science fiction, fantasy and/or horror. Some conventions are general, others are focused on specific TV shows or films, such as Star Trek, Doctor Who, or Star Wars. Some are focused on a type of media, such as literature, pulp magazines, or comics. These events offer fans a chance to meet, socialize, learn, buy things, play games, show off costumes or props they’ve made, and generally have a good time with people who share similar interests.

    There are conventions and other events held at locations around the world every week of the year. Check this Calendar for ones that might be coming up near you … or where you happen to go on vacation. You are a genre traveler, right?

    What other kinds of events are listed beside conventions?

    Pretty much anything that would be of interest to a science fiction, fantasy or horror fan, including:

      art shows

      cinema and film events

      club meetingss



      book signings


    To name just a few.