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Carma Spence, The Genre Traveler, holding a copy of Swedish Fairy Tales

Travel Reads: “Swedish Fairy Tales” by John Bauer and Holger Lundbergh

Enter the land of trolls, wizards, elves, and gnomes … as the Swedish see them. Swedish Fairy Tales is a delightful collection of fairy tales haling from Sweden. The illustrations by John Bauer (1882-1918) are a pleasure to look at and bring the tales to life. Stats Title: Swedish Fairy Tales By Illustrator: John Bauer […]

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Those Across the River by Christopher Buehlman

Travel Reads: “Those Across the River” by Christopher Buehlman

Those Across the River is a well-written literary horror novel in the Southern Gothic tradition. But, if you’re looking for something to keep you up at night, this probably isn’t it. However, that shouldn’t stop you from reading it. Stats Title: Those Across the River Author: Christopher Buehlman Hardcover: 368 pages Publisher: Ace Books ISBN-10: […]

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Carma Spence holding a copy of The Princess Bride Deluxe Edition

Travel Reads: “The Princess Bride” Deluxe Edition by William Goldman

William Goldman first published The Princess Bride in 1973, but it was Rob Reiner’s 1987 film adaption the story to life. This Deluxe Edition of the original novel gives this classic tale the luxurious treatment it deserves. Stats Title: The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern’s Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure, Deluxe Edition By […]

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Carma Spence holding a copy of The Art of Fantasy, Sci-fi and Steampunk

Travel Reads: “The Art of Fantasy, Sci-fi and Steampunk” by Hiroshi Unno

A visual history book of fantasy art from Romanticism and steampunk to modern illustrations from novels, with text in both English and Japanese, this book is a fun romp through fantastic illustrations of yesteryear. Stats Title: The Art of Fantasy, Sci-fi and Steampunk By Author: Hiroshi Unno Paperback: 360 pages Publisher: PIE International ISBN-10: 4756249752 […]

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Book review of The Mythology of Supernatural by Nathan Robert Brown

Travel Reads: “The Mythology of Supernatural” by Nathan Robert Brown

Nathan Robert Brown’s book, The Mythology of Supernatural: The Signs and Symbols Behind the Popular TV Show explores the religious and folkloric roots that most likely inspired the creatures and villains of the hit CW television show. Stats Title: The Mythology of Supernatural: The Signs and Symbols Behind the Popular TV Show Author: Nathan Robert […]

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Carma Spence holding a copy of The Year of the Geek by James Clarke

Travel Reads: “The Year of the Geek” by James Clarke

Part calendar, part encyclopedia, The Year of the Geek presents an infographic look at geek culture day-by-day. Geek culture, as demonstrated in this book, includes science, science fiction, television, comics, manga, anime, film and more. One day you’ll learn about Copernicus, on another Mr. Potato Head. Stats Title: The Year of the Geek: 365 Adventures […]

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