Podcast Episode 45: The Self-Evident Truth

A.P. FuchsThis week I chat with Canadian author A.P. Fuchs. Along the journey we talk about how he got into writing genre fare, how he became a publisher, the genesis and evolution of the Axiom Man superhero series, superheroes as a metaphor, zombies as the ultimate super-villains, zombies as metaphors, and more.

Note: There was a problem with the quality of A.P.’s vocals. I cleaned it up as best I could, but there are still some rough patches.

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Mentioned in this Episode:

The Wraith The Wraith
This superhero novel series published by Coscom Entertainment features a Batman-like superhero. Created and written by Frank Dirscherl.
Dagon Dagon
Originally an Assyro-Babylonian fertility god, Dagon was later adapted into a fish or fishing god of the Hebrews. He is also a deity of the Cthulhu mythos created by H.P. Lovecraft.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba, Canada, and is the province’s largest city. In fact, more than half of Manitoba’s population lives there, including A.P. and his superhero character, Axiom Man.

Bruce LeeBruce Lee
Lee, who makes an appearance in A.P.’s Zombie Fight Night, was a Chinese American, Hong Kong actor, martial arts instructor, philosopher, film director, film producer, screenwriter, and founder of the Jeet Kune Do martial arts movement (according to Wikipedia). He was born in San Francisco, but raised in Hong Kong until his late teens, when he emigrated to the U.S. to claim citizenship and go to college. A cultural icon, he is considered by many to be the most influential martial artist to date.

Back to the Future II Back to the Future II
This 1989 sequel, the second of a trilogy, has the heroes Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown travel to 2015. While there, Biff Tannen steals the DeLorean to travel back and change time to his benefit. This causes McFly and Brown to have to travel back to 1955 to fix things. This movie, shot concurrently with the third installment, ends in a cliff hanger that is resolved in Back to the Future III.

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