Celebrate Zombie Awareness Month

zombieDid you know that many films important to the evolution of the modern Zombie are set in the month of May? This includes the original 1968 version of Night of the Living Dead, as well as the well received Dawn of The Dead remake of 2004.

That’s why the Zombie Research Society has named May Zombie Awareness Month. “Also,” states the Society’s website, “because Spring naturally brings with it a sense of renewal and hopefulness, May is the perfect month to emphasize continued vigilance in the face of the coming Zombie Pandemic.”

So how can you celebrate this festive occasion? With a zombie movie marathon, of course! Here is a nearly A-Z list of some of the best that you can probably find at your local movie rental establishment:

  • 28 Days Later, directed by Danny Boyle and starring Cillian Murphy
  • Army of Darkness, directed by Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell
  • Braindead (Also titled as Dead Alive), directed by Peter Jackson
  • C.H.U.D., directed by Douglas Cheek and starring John Heard
  • Dawn of the Dead, directed by George Romero
  • The Evil Dead, directed by Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell
  • Fido, a comedy directed by Andrew Currie and featuring Carrie-Anne Moss
  • Gallowwalker, directed by Andrew Goth and starring Wesley Snipes
  • Heavy Metal, story “B-17” directed by Gerald Potterton
  • I Am Legend, directed by Francis Lawrence and starring Will Smith
  • King of the Zombies, directed by Jean Yarbrough
  • Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, an Italian film directed by Jorge Grau
  • My Boyfriend’s Back, a comedy directed by Bob Balaban
  • Night of the Comet, directed by Thom Eberhardt
  • Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, a Troma Entertainment film directed by Lloyd Kaufman
  • Resident Evil, directed by Paul W.S. Anderson
  • Shaun of the Dead, a very clever comedy directed by Edgar Wright
  • They Came Back, the 2004 French film directed by Robin Campillo
  • The Zombie Diaries, directed by Michael Bartlett & Kevin Gates

I hope this little list helps you have some good, clean, brain-eating fun!

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As The Genre Traveler, Carma Spence loves to view the world through Genre-Coloured glasses. In other words, she sees the world through a lens of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, where trash cans can be Daleks in disguise and neighborhood forests can harbor faeries and sprites. Magic realism is real! Or at least you can choose to see the world that way to add to the fun and awe of life.

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  3. Jontor

    The first time I ever really tuhgoht about buying a gun was when I was 13 and played Resident Evil. I tuhgoht shooting zombies with an 870 would be pretty cool. That was back when zombies were simply for geeks. No one else found them entertaining or cared about Dawn of the Dead. It’s just like every other geek interest the mainstream has clamped onto and run with in the last ten odd years. It hasn’t been cool for a long, long time. Still, if I could pick an apocalypse, I’d go with zombies. Infrastructure will remain largely intact. There won’t be any massive climatic change like you’d get with a large scale nuclear exchange or comet/asteroid impact. I live in low population density, so they’re not horribly dangerous. It’s not one zombie, or even ten, that kills you. It’s a hundred zombies.

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