Explore Mars in Mesa on Wednesday

Kobie Boykins, a charismatic, young mechanical engineer at NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, will be speaking at Mesa Arts Center (MAC) on Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2011. Part of the National Geographic Live Arizona Speaker Series, the presentation is called “Exploring Mars: The Next Generation.” Boykins has been at the forefront of Mars exploration, working on such […]

Podcast Episode 6: Could Alien Astronauts Survive a Trip to Earth?

In Episode 6, I chat with the author of Dead Astronauts, Woodrow Wilson about his book, his name and his proclivity for cooking. We also cover the possibility of life (intelligent or otherwise) in the universe, the myriad ways that alien astronauts would not survive a trip to Earth, cooking and how having eclectic interests […]

Carl Sagan Gets His Day

It now feels like billions and billions of years ago, but when I was 15 I received one of the best birthday presents. But the story doesn’t start there. You see, back then I was an avid Cosmos fan … pleading with my Dad to let me stay up to watch an entire episode of […]

Star Gazing in France in a Pop-Up Cabin

I found this in my Springwise Trends newsletter: French tourism company Bocages has created a pop-up cabin for four that is designed specifically for stargazing. Each cabin features a transparent dome in the roof, a telescope and a sky observation kit. Just launched this year, Carré d’étoiles, portable and reversible cube-shaped structures crafted with recyclable […]

Advanced Screening of Moon Landing Documentary

The Orlando Science Center will present a special advanced screening of Ron Howard’s In the Shadow of the Moon this Saturday, Sept. 15, at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. The film will open to the public in selected theaters on Sept. 28. Howard is lending his name to this feature documentary about the Apollo space […]

Far, Far Away Returns to Boston’s Museum of Science

Back by popular demand, the planetarium show at the Museum of Science, Boston, Far, Far Away: The Worlds of Star Wars, will be showing daily now through Oct. 29, 2007. This “lively, fun show” compares the fantasy planets of the Star Wars movies to the Earth and other real planets and moons in our solar […]

Cons Coming in the Second Half of May

Until I can get the searchable database developed and running, I’m stuck with listing cons in each issue and, if I miss some, here in the blog. Here is a list of ones coming up during the second half of May. May 18-20: Keycon 24Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaGuests include: L.A. Williams and Kevin J. AndersonFocus: SF […]

Planetary Society Hosts KSR Book Signing

If you’re going to be near Pasadena, Calif. next weekend, you might want to stop by the headquarters of The Planetary Society. On Saturday, April 21, science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson will be there to sign copies of his latest book, Sixty Days and Counting. This book is the conclusion to his trilogy about […]

French UFO Research Posted Online

Here’s something interestng. According to the Associated Press, France’s space agency is “putting years of UFO research and tens of thousands of documents on the Web.” According to the story, there has been a small group of researchers spending the last several years trying to explain reports of unidentified flying objects. They’ve been able to […]