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King Tut Moving to London in September

On Sept. 30, King Tut will be leaving the United States to enjoy British hospitality while on display in London. So, if you are Stateside and want to catch the exhibit before it goes, you’ve got about five weeks left.

To help Tut-enthusiasts out, The Loews Philadelphia Hotel has come up with a “King Tut Package,” good through Sept. 30. (more…)

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Space Tourist Blog Available

If you’d like to read what it is like to be a space tourist, check out Anousheh Ansari’s blog at spaceblog.xprize.org/. Ansari spent 10 days at the International Space Station as a space tourist. In her blog she answers the age-old question: What does space smell like? Her answer: burned almond cookie. For more genre […]

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Reach for the Stars with Space Tourism OPOLY

Don’t have a few thousand dollars to pay for a suborbital flight? Then participate in eSpaceTickets’ Space Tourism tournament for your chance to go for free! “It is better to have a chance, than NO chance at all,” said Tony Webb, founder of eSpaceTickets, at the International Space Development Conference in 2002. Now he’s put […]

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Space Couture

We’re barely there and already a designer is planning for fashion forward space tourists! Last month marked the deadline for a unique fashion design competition: the Hyper Space Couture Design Contest. Entrants designed “Microgravity Wear for the First Generation of Space Tourism.” The designer behind this competition is Eri Matsui, a fashion designer from Japan […]

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