Blue Origin’s Rocket Pics

On Jan. 9, 1968, the Surveyor 7 space probe made a soft landing on the moon. This marked the end of the American series of unmanned explorations of the lunar surface. So what better time for Jeff Bezos, billionaire founder of, to finally show us what he’s been up to at Blue Origin?

According to The New York Times, the Blue Origin website “showed the first pictures and video of a gumdrop-shaped test craft, dubbed Goddard, rising from the West Texas launch site to 285 feet and then, eerily, returning gently to the pad” last week.

This was a change in behavior, as the company has been very tight-lipped about what it has been doing.

What I’ve seen so far, makes me feel like the images from the 1950s pulp magazines are coming to life. Take a look for yourself at

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