Reach for the Stars with Space Tourism OPOLY

Don’t have a few thousand dollars to pay for a suborbital flight? Then participate in eSpaceTickets’ Space Tourism tournament for your chance to go for free!

“It is better to have a chance, than NO chance at all,” said Tony Webb, founder of eSpaceTickets, at the International Space Development Conference in 2002. Now he’s put his money where his mouth is.

Currently, tickets are available only for those with deep pockets. Webb said he wants to make access to space travel uncomplicated. So he recently announced plans to give the winners of the eSpaceTickets tournaments free tickets to the edge of space and enter into the free drawings for commercial space flights.

“This international community solution involves the local media, community groups, clubs, schools, and business sponsors, all working together to make everybody involved a winner,” Webb said.

Winners of the tournaments have a choice of a suborbital flight through Incredible Adventures using the Rocketplane XP, or an orbital expedition aboard the Neptune rocket launched by Interorbital Systems.

To qualify, you must be at least 14 years old and participate in a local tournament. Winning that tournament, you’ll move on to a regional competition. The champion wins the Grand Prize space flight of his or her choice: orbital or suborbital.

According to the official rules, “participating player groups will decide what type of “OPOLY” board game they will play. From that group game will emerge a winner, who will win the Space Tourism OPOLY game board and move into the next level of the tournament.”

“To reach for the stars, you can’t sit on your hands,” Webb said.

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