New Reading Material for Star Trek Travelers

One of the things I like best about traveling is catching up on my reading. I always bring along reading material — be it printed out copies of e-zines, magazines or books. All those long waits at airports are no longer a drag.

Well, if you’re a Star Trek fan, then you might be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the franchise with some genre travel. Beginning in August, fans in the U.S. will have the perfect reading material to bring along on those travels.

CBS Consumer Products and Titan Magazines have launched a new Star Trek magazine. The deluxe first issue will be available on newsstands beginning August 22 with a cover price of $9.99.

The bi-monthly magazine will feature exclusive interviews, features and behind the scenes access. Every issue will include cartoons penned by Dave Reddick, who created “The Trek Life,” a column by Star Trek insider Dave Rossi, and a “Flashback” review of a classic Star Trek episode. Also included in each issue will be the latest news and updates — direct from the studio and producers — on future projects, as well as information about the latest merchandise, Star Trek questions answered and more.

The premiere issue includes interviews with all the Star Trek Captains from Kirk to Archer. 

Titan Publishing Group is one of the world’s largest publishers of licensed film and television publications, both magazines and books. Their magazine portfolio, in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand, includes 24, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Alias, Smallville, Charmed, Stargate, Buffy & Angel, and Star Wars. The U.S. Star Trek magazine should not be confused with the Star Trek magazine Titan Magazines has been publishing in the U.K. for awhile. It may share some content, but will be a separate publication.

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