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Podcast Episode 30: Exploring Options in Science Fiction with Robert J. Sawyer

Robert J. Sawyer, award-winning science fiction author, chats with The Genre Traveler about his new series of science fiction thrillers focused on a self-aware Internet. In addition, we chat about common themes in artificial intelligence stories, how the history of the World Wide Web has diverged from the early dystopic literary visions of cyberpunk, what […]

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Podcast Episode 27: Vampires and Technoculture

What happens when you write a novel that isn’t purely cyberpunk science fiction but also isn’t purely vampire horror? According to this week’s guest Gabrielle Faust, you end up in the dark fantasy or urban fantasy section. Gabrielle is the author of the post-apocalyptic, techno-horror vampire series Eternal Vigilance, as well as an illustrator and […]

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Podcast Episode 10: Can artificial intelligence become self aware?

In Episode 10, best-selling author Frank Fiore and I chat about his novel, Cyberkill. During the conversation we tackle such questions as: Can artificial intelligence become self aware? If it did become self aware, would it be more analytical like Spock or emotional like McCoy? What does it mean to be human? Can you improve […]

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