Fall genre pilots hoping to get picked up

beauty and the beastAccording to The Wrap, the following genre pilots are in the pipeline for fall.


  • Beauty and the Beast starring Chris Egan (Resident Evil: Extinction) – a retelling of the classic fairytale
  • Gotham – A female cop discovers magic in New York City
  • As yet untitled drama from Roland Emmerich (ID4) and Harold Kloser starring Gabriella Wilde (Doctor Who), Max Thieriot (Jumper) and Martin Laudau (Space: 1999) – A New York astrophysics grad student discovers that he is the chosen one to destroy the forces of evil.
  • As yet untitled comedy from Dan Fogelman, Aaron Kaplan and Chris Koch starring Lenny Venito (MIB II & III), Simon Templeman (Charmed) and Jami Gertz (The Lost Boys) – In a surprisingly affordable gated community, a New Jersey family discovers their neighbors are aliens.


  • Elementary starring Jonny Lee Miller (Aeon Flux) as Sherlock and Lucy Liu (Rise: Blood Hunter) as Holmes — a modern take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic books.


  • Arrow starring Stephen Amel (The Vampire Diaries) as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow — a modern retelling of the comic book hero
  • Beauty and the Beast starring Kristin Kreuk (Smallville) as Catherine and Jay Ryan (Terra Nova) as Vincent – an updated take on the popular CBS show from the 1980s
  • The Selection starring Aimee Teegarden (Scream 4) — In the future, a poor young woman is chosen by lottery to compete for the role of Queen. Based on the forthcoming books by Kiera Cass.
  • Joey Dakota starring Amber Stevens (Greek) — Based on the Israeli show Danny Hollywood, this is a time-travel romance story.


  • Prodigy Bully starring Mike O’Malley (Glee) and Missi Pyle (Pushing Daisies) — A child prodigy with an attitude and his life with is working-class family and going to a Hogwarts-like academy.


  • Beautiful People starring James Murray (Primeval) – In a near future world, families of androids serve humankind, but then begin to “awaken”
  • Revolution, produced by J.J. Abrams, and starring Giancarlo Esposito (Once Upon a Time) — Set in a world where all forms of energy have mysteriously ceased to exist, a group of people struggle to unite with loved ones.

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