What Do You Think About Horror Films Today?

I ran across a few posts recently that had varying opinions on the state of horror films today, so I thought I’d run a poll.

Personally, I like supernatural thrillers more than pure horror and I don’t like horror films that have too much a foot in reality, like Saw and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I’m more of an Alien or Bram Stoker’s Dracula kind of horror film watcher. I like my monsters to be, ultimately, not real. It makes the nightmares easier to dissipate. 🙂

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As The Genre Traveler, Carma Spence loves to view the world through Genre-Coloured glasses. In other words, she sees the world through a lens of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, where trash cans can be Daleks in disguise and neighborhood forests can harbor faeries and sprites. Magic realism is real! Or at least you can choose to see the world that way to add to the fun and awe of life.