Madonna Wears Genre Coloured Glassess

The other day I started watching Madonna videos on YouTube and I noticed something: Many of them had a genre sensibility. I would embed them to share with you, but embedding has been disabled, so I’ll just send you off to YouTube to see for yourself.

madonna-frozen “Frozen”
The video for this song features Madonna looking like a raven-haired sorceress out on the cracked earth of a desert. At one point, it looks like she transforms into a black dog.
madonna-nothingreallymatters “Nothing Really Matters”
Her movements are strange, but the imagery hearkens to Japanese horror films, with scores of Asian zombie/ghosts.
madonna-bedtimestory “Bedtime Story”
This video features imagery that calls forth Metropolis, Big Brother, The Arabian Tales and, perhaps, eighteenth century fantasy.

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