Art Show: Jay N. Davis

jayndavisartAs usual, the Hyaena gallery in Burbank, Calif., is displaying some interesting, somewhat disturbing, but always emotion-provoking work. This time, the dark, somewhat sexual, curvaceous art of Jay N. Davis, which reminds me of some of Salvador Dali’s work, is being presented.

A veteran Disney artist for 12 years, Davis has also taught drawing at Texas A&M University and supervised animation on Guillermo Del Toro’s Hellboy 2. According to Hyaena, his “work consists of dark, twisting landscapes where human anatomy manifests and merges in unsuspecting places. Central figures merge together in pseudo-sexuality while butterflies and Louisiana wildlife appear in surprising context.”

For me, Davis work has an underlying quality that so many other former Disney artists seem to have: a sense of humor or the ironic. I wonder if it is a coincidence or if Disney seeks those types of artists out or if working for Disney infuses that quality into the artist’s psyche. It would be interesting to find out.

Although the Davis’ art has been on display since Tuesday, the opening reception is this Saturday from 8pm to midnight.

You know, I hope that once I move back to Los Angeles that I’ll be able to go to one of these receptions. Of course, that will depend on how accessible the gallery is to public transportation (or if I can find someone to give me a lift).

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