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Harry Potter Fans Rock Out for Charity

This event sounds fun if you’re going to be in the Anaheim, Calif., area in early June. What: West Coast Wizard Rockfest Featuring: The Remus LupinsThe Hermione Crookshanks ExperienceThe ParselmouthsSue and the HufflepuffsA Couple of HarrysFirenze and the CentaursDumbledore’s ArmyPotter and the Lightning BoltsThe Gollum HatersThe Bandon BansheesThe Hinky PunksCatchloveLogan. Zon. Acoustic When:Saturday, June 212pm […]

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Welcome to the Nightmare

Horror theatrics man extraordinaire Alice Cooper will be the guest of honor at The Rue Morgue Festival of Fear Canadian National Horror Expo in September. Canada’s largest genre event, organized by Rue Morgue, Canada’s leading horror magazine, and Hobby Star Marketing, is expected to draw more than 30,000 genre fans. Now in its third year, […]

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Monster Band Wins One for Finnish Tourism

“What would happen if our favourite horror film characters Freddie Krugger, Michael Myers (Halloween) and Jason (Friday 13th) took a break from their hectic killing spree’s, put down their weapons of murder, had a few beers and picked up musical instruments?” asks NoiseRecords.com. Their answer? Lordi. Lordi is a Finnish heavy metal band who dress […]

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