Almost Beautiful Was a Fun Film

I was fortunate enough to go see the premeire of Almost Beautifu, a documentary about The Last Dance, a Goth rock band, on Tuesday. I’ve been trying to catch up on my sleep ever since!

Anyway, the movie was very entertaining and I recommend you see it, whether or not you’re into the Goth scene. Rocky Costanzo, the director, took his inspiration from 101, a documentary about Depeche Mode.

Jeff Diehm, the lead singer is quite funny and the interaction between the band members is fun to watch. Both Jeff and the bass guitarist, Peter J. Gorritz, come off as well spoken and educated. The drummer, Thomas Coyne, has a dry, wry wit. In once scene, he convinces some girls that Rick Joyce, the guitarist, is Boy George. What a hoot!

Speaking of Rick, his son is in a few scenes, too. At first I didn’t see the resemblance. Then the little boy smiles — Wow! He has his father’s smile.

Anyway, I enjoyed the music — kind of Depeche Mode with an heavy metel edge — the movie and the relationship between the band members. They are like a family to one another.

If you’d like to sample some of their work, I’ve posted both the song and the video for their song, “Once Beautiful,” on The Genre Traveler‘s MySpace page at

Also, I’ve posted photos from the event, courtesy of Chris Underwood (, on The Genre Traveler‘s photo album. I took my camera, but the darn thing let me only take a few dark photos while eating through six batteries. Ack!


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