To Boldly Go

uss_enterpriseWith the new Star Trek movie coming out (did anyone catch the preview during last night’s Heroes?), you can expect a lot of events piggy-backing on the Trek media machine. Here are just a few:

March 27-29
2nd Annual Naruto Star Trek Convention
Fort Lauderdale, Fla
Star Trek guests include Walter Koenig, James Cawley, Barbara Luna, Morgan Sheppard, and Christina Moses.
This con combines anime and Star Trek fan subcultures.

April 4-19
Leeds Museum Star Trek: These Are The Voyages Exhibit
Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds, UK
Props and costumes from all the incarnations of Star Trek.

April 17-19
Denver, Colo.
Science fiction con with an emphasis on Star Trek. ST guests include Brent Spiner, Robert Picardo and Ethan Phillips.

May 1-3
18th Annual Fed Con
Bonn, Germany
Star Trek guests include Connor Trinnear, Nichelle Nichols, John Billingsley, Robert Picardo and Nana Visitor.

May 1-3
17th Annual Creation Sci Fi Summit
Los Angeles, Calif.
Star Trek guests include Jeri Ryan, Michelle Forbes and Michael Welch.

May 5th
Star Trek Extravaganza: The History of Star Trek Collectibles
Warren Newport Public Library of Gurnee, Ill.
Hosted by Professor John Tenuto, Trekmovie’s collectibles editor, college professor and Chair of Sociology/Anthropology, this local library event will provide interesting facts about the history of Star Trek collectibles.

May 7 through …
“Fascinating” – Exhibit
Eberswalde, Germany
Experience props from the show and movies, as well as licensed merchandise such as a display of every Hallmark Christmas Ornament, at the Eberswalde Museum. (In German)

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