Podcast Episode 2: A Chat with the Folks Behind Browncoats: Redemption

Browncoats: RedemptionLast month, Michael Dougherty and Heather Fagan, two of the people behind the fan-driven sequel to Joss Whedon‘s film Serenity, took the time to chat with me about how the movie came into being and how it is raising money for five charities connected to the Firefly universe.

The film premiered at Dragon*Con on Sept. 4, 2010 … including a live stream of the premiere on Ustream.

There are some potential spoilers for those of you who have not seen Serenity yet. Michael tried to be vague, but I thought you should know anyway.

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You can listen to a snippet here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PtbvKxBYlY

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