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leonardnimoyErg. I Tivo’d Invasion of the Body Snatchers starring Donald Sutherland, Jeff Goldblum and Leonard Nimoy last week. When I got to near the end of the movie …. bleep … Tivo cut off the ending. So now I don’t know how it ended. I hate when that happens!

Why do I share? Because now that I have Nimoy on the mind, I wanted to share with you that he’ll be making a guest appearance at the New England Fan Experience taking place in Boston November 13th through 15th. Other guests include James Hong (Big Trouble in Little China, Bladerunner and so much more), Heather Menzies Urich (1977’s Logan’s Run and the culdt favorite, Sssssss), Gareth David-Lloyd (Torchwood), Corin Nemec (Stargate SG-1, The Stand and others … need I mention Mansquito?) and John De Lancie (Q from ST:TNG), among others.

New England Fan Experience is a multi-genre event which presents celebrities in science fiction, popular culture, gaming, animation, science and technology. The event is divvied up into five genre experiences:

  • Pop Culture
  • Science & Technology
  • Sci-Fi
  • Anime & Kaiju
  • Gaming

What can you do during the Experience? Events include Dinner with the Stars, a live concert with Devo Spice and The Others, a shadowcast screening of Repo: The Genetic Opera, photo opportunities, autograph sessions, Karaoke, costume contest and much, much more.

Oh … and did I mention Karaoke? I love Karaoke! Wish I could be there. 🙁

What: New England Fan Experience

Courtyard by Marriott Tremont
275 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02116

November 13-15, 2009

For More Info:

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