Dallas “All-Con” Defies Stereotype

This coming weekend, March 17 through 19, All-Con celebrates fandom in all its forms.

“We’re pleased to be able to provide diversity from the rest of the Dallas area shows,” says Todd Carlton, one of All-Con’s founders. “It’s our signature. It’s who we are. At the same time, we also incorporate the classic formula behind the success of classic conventions.”

The convention has comic book guests, actors and actresses from television and film, a dealer’s room, LAN gaming, live action role-playing, costuming clubs, a model building competition, a national Ms. Star Wars contest, film screenings, panel discussions, an anime room, live music and so much more. This convention has something to appeal to every kind of fan, be it science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery or comics.

Because the topics covered by this convention is so diverse, it is able to reach out to fan cultures and interest groups that are too small, select or disperse for a convention of their own, according to a press release.

“Its amazing how many groups are cross-cultural,” says Carlton. “A great example this year is Southwest Festivals Inc., who are known for their Screams theme park in October, and Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival every spring. Their group holds the interest of costumers, role playing gamers, replica modelers, weapons collectors and pretty much anybody who enjoys the antics and charm of their renaissance group.”

Convention organizers faced criticism during their first two years that without a specific focus, their attendance would be low. “We proved them wrong,” Carlton says. This is Dallas All-Con’s third year.

What: Fan convention covering everything, including things not typical of fan conventions
Where: The Sterling Hotel, Dallas, Texas
When: Friday, March 17, through Sunday, March 19
Tickets: A three-day pass is $20, children under 12 are half-price
More Info: www.All-Con.org

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