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Take a look at this rockin’ cool guitar:

Zakk Wylde Epiphone Graveyard Disciple

Stating today and going on through Monday, Nov. 1, you could win it!

The contest is called “Trick or Tweet” and is a promotion for Gibson Guitar. Here’s how to enter:

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legendary music icon Zakk WyldeDesigned by legendary music icon Zakk Wylde in cooperation with Epiphone, the Zakk Wylde Epiphone Graveyard Disciple combines killer sound with equally killer looks. Shaped like a coffin, the edges of the body are tapered and “pin-striped” in silver giving it a striking visual appearance and depth while providing for a comfortable feel.

Now, the only time I’ve ever played guitar was when I took a summer school course where they supplied the guitars (my parents wouldn’t get me a guitar until I learned how to play … yeah, I know that was a Catch 22). But this looks so cool, I’d love to have one!

According to the press release I received today, “the neck is made of Hard Maple for bright attack and glued into a solid Mahogany body adding a touch of warm and of course, sustain,” which, apparently is true of all of Zakk’s guitars. “The neck features a “D” profile, SlimTaper neck with a smooth, satin finish for fast and effortless lead work. It is topped off with a bound, Ebony fingerboard and medium-jumbo frets with easy access to all 22 frets.

“The Graveyard Disciple combines an original Floyd Rose™ tremolo with EMG HZ pickups. The tremolo cavity allows for serious dive bombing as well as pull-ups. The EMG HZ-4A is positioned in the bridge position for optimized lead performance while the EMG HZ-4 is voiced for and positioned in the neck position. Designed to emulate the sound of their active counterparts (the EMG 81 and 85), these HZ’s are probably the quietest passive pickups available.

“Other features on the new Graveyard Disciple include a multi-bound headstock with mother-of-pearl ‘cross’ inlay, black hardware with premium 16:1 ratio Grover(tm) machine heads, Mother-of-Pearl topped metal knobs, Epiphone’s non-rotating output jack and Zakk’s signature silhouette on the back of the headstock. For added comfort and convenience while playing in the seated position, the guitar features the brilliantly designed and patented Steinberger LegRest. Fold it down and rest it on your leg. Fold it up and it practically disappears. It comes with a custom-made Coffin™ case featuring the ‘Graveyard Disciple’ artwork on it. And for this limited edition model, you also get a Certificate of Authenticity.”

That’s pretty much all Greek to me, but for more information and photos, you can go to

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