Ohio’s Most Haunted Village Hosts Events for Halloween Fun

Wayensville, OhioAll year round, authentic hauntings and paranormal sightings occur in the historic village of Wayensville, Ohio. But to make the Halloween season more special, the village is hosting two tours that are sure to make October a little spookier.

“These are not sensationalized tours,” says Linda Morgan, Program Chair of Museum at the Friends Home and Tour Guide for the Ghostly History Walking Tours of Waynesville. “The stories we tell are experiences from people we know, stories recounted to us and based on historical fact.”

Morgan, who has collected many of the stories visitors hear on the tour has also witnessed eerie occurrences in her time as a guide.

“We recommend that participants bring a camera on the tour,” says Morgan. “Visitors have photographed ‘orbs’ and other objects which are there, but not, and you don’t know exactly what it is.”

The special tours are as follows:

Ghostly History Walking Tours

Experience Ohio’s most haunted village first-hand as you tour historic buildings along Main Street and throughout the Quaker Hill area of Waynesville while learning of ghostly encounters past and present. You begin at the Museum at the Friends Home, a restored boarding home which looks very much as it did when retired Quakers and single school teachers lived there around the turn of the 20th Century.

Museum at the Friends Home,
115 South Fourth Street,
Waynesville, Ohio

7:30 p.m. Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, October 13-30


Ghosts & Goblets Dinner and Ghostly History Walking Tour

Enjoy fine dining in the historic Inn, with scary tales of the Hammel House past (and present). After dinner guests will take a ghostly walking tour of downtown Waynesville. The evening concludes with coffee, cookies and more ghostly tales as well as a tour of the Museum at the Friends Home. Dinner at the Hammel House Inn includes a harvest salad, Inn Keepers dinner pudding (chicken in a sherry cream sauce with celery suffusing) topped with herb bread crumbs, zucchini and carrots and pumpkin roll for dessert.

The Hammel House Inn,
121 South Main Street,
Waynesville, Ohio

7:00 p.m. Every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in October

Reservations (Required):

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