Madera County Haunts

haunted fresno flatsMadera County in general and Yosemite National Park were an integral part of my childhood. I learned how to tie my shoes at the park, as well as ride a bike. My family used to spend every summer at Yosemite National Park … so when I received press release from Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau, I was inclined to open it and read.

To my surprise the story they were pitching was for paranormal tours! Of course, the area has many sites of historical significance, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that some might be haunted.

“The Madera County region is steeped in rich history as settlers first started making their way during the gold rush of 1849,” said Dan Cunning, CEO of the Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau which promotes the region.

One in particular is Fresno Flats Historic Village and Park, which recaptures the flavor of 19th Century life in the Sierra Nevada foothills and mountains of Central California. According to researchers with the Central Valley Seekers, the first group to actually investigate the reports of ghost activity at Fresno Flats, some of the structures are also home to spirits still attached to the historic buildings.

“When we first started investigating,” said Peggy Armer, a Fresno-area paranormal investigator, “we didn’t get too much evidence because of the type of spirits. It’s family oriented and we got the feeling they thought we were invading their space.”

However, over time they’ve opened up and Armer and her group have captured numerous EVPs or electronic voice phenomenon.

“We’ve talked to several people here that say based off of EVPs and other equipment that it’s a happy, contented place,” said Laura Huddleson, facility caretaker. “You don’t get weird feelings, nothing mean or angry. Just happy, positive spirits.”

Armer’s group works with the historical society to take people interested in learning more about the history and the spirits on tours during the normally closed evening hours. To book a tour or to learn more, contact Armer at (559) 779-9400. More information on the Fresno Flats Historical Society can be found at

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