More Art Than You Can Shake a Fetid Femur At

One cool thing about attending Haunt X this past weekend was the opportunity to discover the work of artists I hadn’t previously been aware of. In the vendor’s room I met Mike Sosnowski and was honored to enjoy his brand of humorous horror art. He’s agreed to an interview, so keep an eye out for a spread of his work in a future issue of The Genre Traveler.

In the celebrity room, I met Ashley Laurence, who’s probably best known for her acting roles in the Hellraiser films. But she’s also quite a talented painter. I was particularly drawn to one of a female after an autopsy. It had power and emotion. I still think of it. I’m working on getting an interview, so keep your fingers crossed.

Anyway, I also learned of a gallery in Burbank, Calif., Hyaena, that seems to specialize in unusual art. One show that runs through the end of this month and two forthcoming show, would be of interest to genre travelers.

The Serial Killer Art of Chuck Hodi
Feb. 16 – Feb. 28, 2007
Features portraits of — yes, you guessed it — serial killers.

Midnight in the Rumpus Room, Artwork by Lost Goat
March 16 – March 31, 2007
Opening Reception, March 16, 8pm to Midnight
The artwork on the promotional postcards reminds me of Ed Gory meets Matt Groening. The marketing copy describes it this way: “An exploration of dark and tragic fantasy lands with a modern minimalist approach. Lost Goat’s tiny painted canvases illustrate a whimsical gothic playground.”

Of Lilies and Remains, The Artwork fo Eric Pigors
April 16 – April 30, 2007
Opening Reception, April 20, 8pm to Midnight
Featuring tongue-in-cheek horror cartoons

For More Information:
Hyaena Botique and Gallery
1928 W. Olive Ave.
Burbank, CA

Chuck Hodi

Lost Goat

Eric Pigors

Mike Sosnowski

Ashley Laurence

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