Podcast Episode 15: Alien Manipulation of Human DNA

Lawrence VincentSo you can get started with your wonderful, genre-travel-filled New Year, Episode 15 is a little shorter than usual. This week, The Genre Traveler chats with biology teacher and science fiction author Lawrence Vincent about his book DNA3, the first in a series. During our 15-20 minutes together, we talk about genetic manipulation, invisible robots, alien races, making science fiction more plausible, alien-human mating and the works that inspired the series.

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Duration: 18:23
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Mentioned in this Episode:

Invisible meta-materials

Planet 581c

Authors Whose Work Inspired DNA3

  • Michael Crichton’s Prey (nanoparticles)
  • Larry Niven’s Ringworld series (space habitats)
  • Greg Bear’s Darwin’s Children (genetic manipulation)
  • Robert Doherty’s Area 51 series (believability of aliens)


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