Worldcon Poll Results

Because I just opened a new poll on The Genre Traveler‘s Yahoo! Groups page to help decide which charity would get the funds raised from The 1st Annual Genre Traveler Photo Contest which launched yesterday, I closed out the poll that’s been up since I started back in 2005. Here are the results:

The question was: “Have you ever attended a Worldcon?”

Would you believe that readers mostly fell into one of two camps? Either they’d never been to one or they’d been to several. I don’t know why, but I find that interesting. Here are the final results:

POLL QUESTION: Have you ever attended a Worldcon?

– Yes, many times. – 45.45%
– Yes, once or twice. – 0.00%
– Yes, once. – 18.18%
– No, but I hope to in the future. – 36.36%
– No, SF isn’t my favorite genre. – 0.00%
– What’s Worldcon? – 0.00%

Oh! If you’d like to know more about the Photo Contest, visit And tell your friends — the more entries received, the more money goes to charity!

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