Wondering How the World Will End?

Check this out … a group of scientists discuss the various scenarios of how the world will come to an end!


Topics and Speakers Include:

peter_ward Peter Ward – Global warming could cause the oceans to turn sulfuric, rendering Earth uninhabitable
michio_kaku_profile_pic Michio Kaku – The universe will undergo a “big freeze” as it expands indefinitely – but we might be able to escape to some other universe.
stewart_brand Stewart Brand – Mass droughts and other climate-change disasters could produce a “hard-fought world,” marked by an increasing number of wars and a shrinking number of humans.
ed_sion_profile_pic Ed Sion – An asteroid could wipe us out. (Actually, unless we screw up badly, we already have the technology to ward this one off.) Or, a supernova could explode close enough to Earth to nuke all life on the planet.
robert_kirschner_profile_pic Robert Kirshner – The universe will dissipate into chilly nothingness. But what will this actually look like? Weirdly enough, like the universe physicists imagined before Einstein came along.
graham_allison_profile_pic Graham Allison – Nuclear terrorists could blow up our major cities.
melissa_franklin Melissa Franklin – The new supercollider in Switzerland could create a black hole! OK, this one is pretty far-fetched. But if it did happen, it actually “wouldn’t be so bad.”
Finally, the one scenario everyone agrees on: Earth will ultimately get vaporized by the dying Sun.

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