Thoughts of Extinction

Since Threshold was canceled, I’ve become an avid watcher of Invasion. I was a big fan of Sean Cassidy’s other project, American Gothic, and this show has a lot of similarities.

But that’s not what I’ve come here to talk about.

Yesterday, I read in the news about the last male purebred Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit dying, leaving only two female (not pregnant) left of the entire species.

Yes, this little critter is so cute I just want to hug it. But that’s not what makes me sad. Depending on your perspective, extinction can be either sad or a happy opportunity.

Think about it. If the dinosaurs hadn’t become extinct, do you think mammals would have eventually evolved humans? Then again, if the last of the panda bears go extinct, I would miss them.

The topic of extinction is closely linked to the topic of biodiversity. Lack of biodiversity can lead to extinction of multiple species. Many scientists feel that that’s where we’re heading right now.

Extinction of several species, including amphibians, such a frogs, and mammals, such as lions. For a list of links to stories on this subject, visit

Invasion puts another spin on the subject. What if some other intelligent life was to supplant the human race and we went extinct? Of course, this TV series isn’t the first bit of fiction to discuss the topic. A.E. Van Vogt’s Slan uses this concept as the underpinning of the novel. In fact, Slan is part of a science fiction subgenre regarding “super men” — the idea that an evolved or mutated version of humans will supplant the original. X-men is also in this genre.

This little thought blurb really isn’t going anywhere. It was just a random thought to get discussion going. So, what do you think?

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