Podcast Episode 68: The Business of SF

Jean Marie WardThis week I chat with Jean Marie Ward, a writer and author of both science fiction/fantasy and nonfiction. During our conversation we cover the difference between the two, first drafts, developmental editing, e-publishing, book reviewing, and more.

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Laurell K. HamiltonLaurell K. Hamilton
This American fantasy and romance writer is best known for her Anita Blake series of novels featuring a professional vampire hunter, necromancer and supernatural consultant for the police. Her other work includes the Merry Gentry series of urban fantasy novels in which the world of faerie interacts with our world.
“After Life”
Spike and BuffyIn the third episode of Season Six of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy has to readjust to being alive after being resurrected by her friends. Spike, a vampire, has been in love with Buffy for a long time. When she asks, “How long was I gone?” He responds with “147 days yesterday. Uh, 148 today. Except today doesn’t count, does it?” Jean Marie uses this as an example of how what isn’t said in fiction can be more powerful than what is actually said.

Diane WhitesideDiane Whiteside
According to her website, Whiteside is a “spicy romance author of western historicals and paranormals, including the Texas Vampires trilogy.” The vampire series features Don Rafael Perez, originally a 13th-century Spanish knight, now a vampire living in Texas.
Good Reads
goodreadsThis social network for bibliophiles supports readers and authors in connecting and sharing their love of books and good stories. All the books in The Genre Traveler’s book review queue are listed in my account on Good Reads, as well as the book(s) I’m currently reading. Also, whenever I post a book review here or at the New York Journal of books, I add a link to it on Good Reads.

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