Math & Science Week Comes to Cedar Point

mathsciweekNASA’s Glenn Research Center, Cleveland; the Detroit Science Center; and COSI (Center of Science & Industry) in Columbus, Ohio, all will be helping middle and high school students appreciate math and science at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, this May.

“This will be a wonderful learning experience for students and teachers alike,” said Clark Culbertson, Cedar Point’s Vice President of Marketing. “The five-day event will give schools many more options. With our science partners, there will be a lot more to see and do than ever before.”

The event will be held Monday through Friday, May 18-22 and will offer a variety of daily activities and programs for students and teachers.

Some of the planned activities will include several new displays and exhibits. The Glenn Research Center will have displays of the new Ares I and Ares V launch vehicles and the Orion crew exploration vehicle. The Detroit Science Center will present several exhibits on centripetal force, magnetic fields and chemical reactions, while COSI Columbus will bring its new Science Spot exhibit that will include activities on Force & Motion, Structures and Puzzling Puzzles.

This event is an expansion of the popular Physics, Math & Science Day held at Cedar Point every May. So those who’ve been there before will be happy to know that some of the event’s traditional favorites will also return. NASA’s Microgravity Man will demonstrate how free fall results in apparent weightlessness along with some of its effects on physical phenomena. Plus, NASA’s Q & A game show and space-themed photo booth will also be back. Each day will offer a different curriculum of activities and events.

Schools from Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Pennsylvania are expected to attend. Participating groups of 15 or more students can purchase discounted tickets to the event. (Advanced reservations are required.) For more information, school groups can visit or call Cedar Point Group Sales at 800.448.2428.

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