Fan Expo Canada Features Fan Favorites

Guests at Fan Expo Canada 2009The 15th annual Fan Expo Canada is taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building on August 28-30, 2009. The event is the largest combined gaming, horror, comic, science fiction, and anime event in Canada and features celebrities and pop culture heroes from a multitude of genres. As with most cons, Fan Expo also includes informational workshops with industry experts and the traditional vendor room.

Within the larger expo, are genre specific expos focused on comics (Comic Book Expo), science fiction (SFX), horror (Rue Morgue‘s Festival of Fear), anime (CNAmime) and gaming (GX).

There is so much information about this event, I couldn’t possibly mention enough in a blog post, so I recommend that you visit the expo’s website at

But some highlights include the appearance of guests Leonard Nimoy (Spock from the original Star Trek), Bruce Campbell (from the Evil Dead films), Roger Corman (B-movie horror film icon) and Linda Hamilton (the original Sarah Conner from the Terminator films).

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