Cons Coming in the Second Half of April

Until I can get the searchable database developed and running, I’m stuck with listing cons in each issue and, if I miss some, here in the blog. Here is a list of ones coming up in the second half of next month.

April 17: LoreCon 3
Burlington, Vt.
Guests include: Steve Kenson
Focus: Gaming

April 19 – 22: Sleuthfest
Miami Beach, Fla.
Guests include : Linda Fairstein and Rene Balcer
Focus: Mysteries

April 20 – 22: Anime Boston
Boston, Mass.
Guests include: Junji Nishimura, Chris Bevins and Luci Christian
Focus: Anime

April 20 – 22: Anime St. Louis
St. Louis, Mo.
Guests include: Vic Mignogna
Focus: Anime

April 20 – 22: C4 Con
Providence, R.I.
Guests include: Jess Hartley
Focus: Gaming

April 20-22: Eeriecon Nine
Niagara Falls, NY
Guests include: Steven Brust and Nancy Kress
Focus: SF, F & H

April 20 – 22: NoBrandCon
Eau Claire, Wis.
Guests include: Lisa Furukawa and Tiffany Grant
Focus: Anime

April 20 – 22: Ravencon
Richmond, Va.
Guests include: Robert J. Sawyer, Steve Stiles and Jan Howard Finder
Focus: SF, F, H

April 20 – 22: ShowMeCon
St. Louis, Mo.
Guests include: Barri L. Bumgarner, Mike Cole and Tom Meserole
Focus: SF, F

April 20 – 22: Starfest
Denver, Colo.
Guests include: Rachel Luttrell, Kate Vernon and Gil Gerard
Focus: SF

April 20 – 22: Horrorfest
Denver, Colo.
Focus: H

April 20 – 22: Terra Nova
Adelaide, South Australia
Guests include: Avery Brooks and Barry Jenner
Focus: SF

April 21 – 22: Alternative Press Expo
San Francisco, Calif.
Guests include: Kevin Huizenga, Hope Larson and Francoise Mouly
Focus: Comics

April 21 – 22: Armageddon: Pop Culture Expo
Wellington, New Zealand
Guests include: Steve Blum, Kevin Weisman and Vic Mignogna
Focus: SF, F, Comics

April 21 – 22: Midwest Nonsport Trading Card Show
Bolingbrook, Ill.
Guests include: Cynthia Cummens, Dave Dorman and Katie Cook
Focus: Trading Cards

April 21 – 22: Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo
Columbus, Ohio
Guests include: Dave Sim
Focus: Comics

April 22: X-Trava Con
Livonia, Mich.
Focus: Comic book, toys and non-sports card show.

April 27: First Contact
Carlton, Victoria (Australia)
Guests include: Don S. Davis
Focus: SF

April 27 – 28: Hollywood Collectors Show
Burbank, Calif.
Guests include: Lee Ving, Marcia Wallace and Bill Marx
Focus: Autograph and collectibles show

April 27 – 29: Pittsburgh Comicon
Monroeville, Penn.
Guests include: Eric Adams, Darryl Banks and Sara Rickart
Focus: Comics

April 28: TransformersCon
Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
Guests include: Michael Bell and Alex Milne
Focus: The Transformer cartoons and movie

April 29: Friends of Science Fiction
Bankstown, New South Wales (Australia)
Guests include: Don S. Davis and David Deluise
Focus: SF

April 29: MCBA MicroCon
St. Paul, Minn.
Focus: Comics

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