Cell Phones Come Full Circle

In 1966, the original Star Trek hit the airwaves. Among the many futuristic devices was a communicator. Many were the times Captain Kirk would flip open this device and say, “Three to beam up,” or something like that.

This cool device, called a communicator, inspired the individuals who pioneered cell phone technology and so we now have the flip phone. Last month, Sona Mobile and Viacom Consumer Products (VCP) announced that they would develop a mobile phone modeled after the Star Trek Communicator. In addition to standard cell phone features, the new phone will have a custom Star Trek faceplate and other themed features, including the ability to play a multiplayer online Trek game, stream real-time video and surf the Internet. Star Trek ring tones, wallpapers, news, information and other fan activities will also be available.

“This not only promotes the Star Trek spirit,” says Sandi Isaacs, VP of Interactive at VCP, “but creates a new paradigm for the wireless community.” I find this interesting because of its circularity — like the alchemists symbol of a snake eating its tail. And it only took 39 years! The Star Trek Communicator Phone should be available this week.

UPDATE: November 2005 — Apparently, they spoke too soon. The phone has been delayed until 2006. Read more at AirlockAlpha.com.

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