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International Spy Museum Launches Spy In the CityYou have to hand it to the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC. They are not only a really cool traditional museum, but an innovative museum when it comes to immersive experiences.

Following the success of the Museum’s award-winning spy adventure, Operation SpyTM, they have launched Spy in the City®, a new GPS-based interactive outdoor mission.

For only $14, you can experience an hour and a half self-guided outdoor mission using espionage tradecraft and specialized intelligence collection techniques. According to the press release:

“Equipped with a handheld GPS Ranger device loaded with Global Positioning System technology, participants engage in covert surveillance, decode encrypted missives, and identify potential rogue security threats in order to earn points and work their way toward mission completion. At pre-determined locations the device will automatically download information delivered by agents, sources, or maybe even moles — and the participant must analyze these transmissions of intercepted documents and audio in order to foil a major terrorist attack.”

Sounds pretty cool, huh? This suspenseful adventure style mission was crafted in collaboration with former intelligence officers and offers participants the opportunity to test their spy skills as they explore DC’s neighborhoods. In fact, this first mission, recommended for ages 10+, is based on real espionage cases.

“America’s capital is overflowing with real-life espionage stories,” says Amanda Ohlke, Director of Adult Education at the International Spy Museum. “Spies have stalked secrets here since the city was born.”

Two additional missions exploring new neighborhoods will launch in the Fall. Adventure options will range from one to three hours in length and start at $14. For more information, visit

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