Attend Dallas “All-Con” for only $30

“Thirty dollars will barely cover dinner and movie, but invested wisely it can provide three full days (March 13-15) of entertainment at the Dallas convention ‘All-Con’.” So starts the press release promoting this year’s mish-mash convention that incorporates the interests of science fiction, fantasy, anime, costuming, gaming, robotics, roller derby, and art communities.

Attending celebrities include Aaron Douglas (“Chief Tyrol” from Sci-Fi’s Battlestar Galactica), Peter Mayhew (“Chewbacca” from Star Wars), Ken Lally (“The German” from NBC’s television show Heroes and “Albert Wesker” from Resident Evil 5), Candace Kita (Masked Rider, Son of the Beach, Running with Scissors), and Burton Gilliam (Paper Moon, Fletch, Blazing Saddles, Back to the Future III).

Art lovers will find an art gallery featuring prints and originals from artists across the U.S. There will also be an Artist Alley filled with illustrators and coloring artists, both traditional and digital.

Both console and tabletop gamers are covered. Console gaming will include open play and tournaments. There will also be Dungeons and Dragons and Attacktix venues.

Of course, there will be the traditional vendor room featuring goods from comic books to resin film prop replicas to hand fashioned hats and commissioned costumes.

All events are intertwined with hourly discussion panels and workshops and are included in the single price of admission.

Featured events for the weekend incorporate Peter Mayhew’s “Ask Chewbacca” questions and answers session which is free and open to the public (, the Dallas Personal Robotics Group’s RoboRama open practice, and the Assassination City Women’s Roller Derby team dinner with fans. Imperial Gladiators is a sporting type event during which Star Wars costumers, mainly stormtroopers, compete to complete objectives while being restricted by the limitations of their own costumes as the public cheers them on.

Are you a fans of the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Then don’t miss Los Bastardos’ full shadow cast of the film on Friday night.

Advance tickets and event details are available online from, or from Titan Comics in Dallas 214-350-4420.

Celebrities charge a small amount for autographs to cover costs of travel and to appear.

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