A Travelogue for the Solo-Traveler

lonetravelerTo help me keep abreast of things happening in the SF/F/H worlds so I can share them with you, I subscribe to a number of Google Alerts. As I was looking through them today, I found this interesting blog post:

The 2MTL Guide to Soloing Conventions

In it, the author describes what it is like to travel solo to a convention. It was interesting to see his take on it.

I’m a solitary, introverted person and I have very few friends who are into the whole con scene, so I usually do go to them alone. But, because I am introverted, not only do I not seek to socialize, I sometimes even get annoyed when someone tries to socialize with me. It try not to show it and remain polite, but I do feel like the person is invading my privacy.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading the post and seeing the con experience from another perspective and thought I’d share it with you.

Share your travels!

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