The Thing May Be Back

One of the scariest movies I’ve ever watched was John Carpenter’s The Thing. In fact, I’ve never been able to see it all in one sitting. I usually watch for awhile and when the tension gets too much for me, I go do something else and finish watching it later. Also, I can’t watch it alone.

The Thing from Another World, which came out in 1952, was the first film adaptation of “Who Goes There?”, the short story by John Campbell. My father once told me that the movie gave him nightmares.

Last year, I read Campbell’s story myself. Although there are differences, the story is very chilling and I highly recommend it. First published in 1934, it still reads well and I admit to feeling quite anxious for a while after reading it.

Why am I bringing all this up, you ask? Because I recently read in SciFi Wire that a prequel is possibly in the works. has reported that Strike Entertainment, the company behind Dawn of the Dead, is looking for writers to draft the script.

If this prequel is anything like Campbell’s story or Carpenter’s movie, I’ll probably have to sleep with the lights on after watching it.

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