Helping Victims of Hurricanes in the Deep South

Here’s something interesting: If you can write and have a special place in your heart for Louisiana and other areas of the Deep South that were hit hard by Katrina and Rita, Margin and Periphery are working on a project you might be interested in.

This fundraising project is looking for fiction and nonfiction contributions covering a slew of topics that would be of interest to fans of the darker speculative fiction genres: faith healing, voodoo, haints, curses, miracles, legends, fish stories, vampires, devils, preachers, black cats, owls, thunder and lightning, snake oil salesmen, black magic, mardi gras, witchcraft, planting by the moon, superstitions, ghost armies, sleepwalking, and all things haunted.

Entries should be accompanied by a $10 donation and “the editor pledges to absorb all production costs and to forward all sales, donations and support culled from Periphery to Book Relief, First Book’s comprehensive effort to provide millions of new books to the victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.”

This is a neat way to help rebuild an area that was (is?) rich in genre travel opportunities while possibly getting a byline for your genre story.

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