Halloween Entertaining Tips from Authors of Plan to Party

Plan to Party: Simple & Special Entertaining In Your HomeIf you’re anything like me, you love to throw a good Halloween party. Well, Elizabeth Mascali and Dawn Sandomeno, authors of the forthcoming book Plan to Party: Simple & Special Entertaining In Your Home, have a few tips for making your next Halloween party fun, easy and inexpensive.

Hold a Candy Co-Op

Get a few family members and/or friends to go in on a candy co-op. Have each participating group buy in bulk of one candy type. Then get together and split up the candy so everyone gets a variety. You’ll save a lot and the trick-or-treaters in you neighborhood will be happy!

NOTE: When buying in bulk, make sure the candy inside is individually wrapped with ingredients clearly listed on the label for children with food allergies.

Expand Your Costuming Options with a Costume Swap

Get together with friends and family at the beginning of October to swap costumes and props. Although, costumes are frequently saved year after year, rarely do children want to “re-wear” a previous year’s costume. This means we all have goods to trade. A costume swap is a great way to clear out your closet and get a free costume!

For more ideas and inspiration from Elizabeth and Dawn, visit The Partybluprints Blog, www.partybluprintsblog.com. You can also grab a copy of the forthcoming book, Plan to Party, which is available for pre-ordering on Amazon.com. Plan to Party is full of valuable and practical information, including a comprehensive party plan for a Chocolate Soiree, a cocktails and dessert party, perfect for Halloween entertaining. Plan to Party will release October 1st everywhere books are sold.

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