Awards Show for Horror Happening Next Month

Fuse, a music television network, and Fangoria, the world’s longest-running and best-selling horror magazine, have joined forces to bring you yet another award show – the 1st Annual Chainsaw Awards. Yipee.

“Over the years, the horror genre has continued to be a powerful force in music, film, television and entertainment,” Thomas DeFeo, president of FANGORIA Entertainment, said. “It made perfect sense to join forces with fuse to create a credible and compelling award show honoring the best in the business, while remaining true to the genre’s loyal fan base.”

So, on Sunday, October 15, star nominees and presenters will walk the “black carpet” to the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. The show will then premiere on fuse Sunday, October 22 at 9:30 p.m.

“The 1st annual Chainsaws create an environment for music lovers and horror fans alike,” Catherine Mullen, fuse’s Executive Vice President and General Manager, said. “Our viewers, who are as down with Freddy as they are with Fall Out Boy, will be able to celebrate the sinister and the shocking, and get the chance to see their favorite recording artists rub elbows with the infamous freaks, villains and victims of the big screen.”

And what award show worth its salt wouldn’t have a pre-show fashion critique? Not the Chainsaw Awards. There will even be a “Gala of Gore” post-show and an after-party attended by music and film A-listers.

Nominees include:

KILLER MOVIE (Best Horror Picture/Director):

  • The Descent (Neil Marshall)
  • Hostel (Eli Roth)
  • Wolf Creek (Greg Mclean)
  • The Hills Have Eyes (Alexandre Aja)
  • The Devil’s Rejects (Rob Zombie)


  • Final Destination 3 (Drive-Thru)
  • Hostel (Train Suicide)
  • The Omen (Decapitation)
  • Snakes On A Plane (Guy Attacked In Toilet)
  • Saw Ii (Arm Stuck In Box Of Blades)


  • Snakes On A Plane (Samuel L. Jackson)
  • King Kong (Kong)
  • Slither (Nathan Fillion)
  • Hostel (Jay Hernandez)
  • Underworld: Evolution (Scott Speedman)


  • The Descent (Shauna Macdonald)
  • Scary Movie 4 (Anna Faris)
  • Silent Hill (Radha Mitchell)
  • The Exorcism Of Emily Rose (Laura Linney)
  • Underworld: Evolution (Kate Beckinsale)

Other categories include “Relationship From Hell” (Best Couple Or Duo), “Best Butcher” (Villain), “Creepiest Kid”, “Highest Body Count”, “Line That Killed (Best One-Liner)”, “Bloodiest Beatdown” (Best Fight Scene), “Best With Less” (Best Limited-Release/Budget Film), “Sickest Fx” (Special Fx), “Looks That Kill” (Special Makeup Fx), “Most Disturbing Import” (Scariest Foreign Film), “Killer Television” (TV Show, Anthology or Film), “Killer Video” (Best Music Video), “Video Inspired By Film” (Best Music Video/Film Adaptation), “Prince of Darkness” (Darkest Male Artist In Music Video), and “Femme Fatale” (Most Evil Female in Music Video).

“This will be the definitive awards event for horror buffs. This will be a true celebration of all things dark and scary,” said Mike Kostel, the Chainsaw Awards’ producer. “And the most exciting thing is that we will have both horror greats and their legions of fans partying with us.”

You can participate in the voting by going to between now and Friday, October 13 (how clever). Tickets to the live event are supposedly going to be available, but I couldn’t find any information about them other than details would be forth coming. You can check out for more information.

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