7 Things to Do at Horror Conventions

Every year there are dozens (if not more) horror conventions taking place around the country. There is the annual World Horror Convention (although it might be defunct since, sadly, one hasn’t been held since 2016), Horrorfind holds a couple each year, and several haunt and horror organizations hold regular conventions. So what can you do at a horror convention? Here are some ideas.

7 Things to Do at Horror Conventions

1. Learn new things

Many conventions feature panel discussions, workshops, seminars, and guest talks. Horror conventions are no different. You could learn about an upcoming film, the back story of your favorite director or even some special effects makeup techniques. Some will even premier new horror films, as well.

2. Take in an art show

Do you enjoy dark art? Many horror conventions feature an art show with horror art on display. Some of the art is professionally done and some are fan art. Either way, it could be enjoyable to see the “dark” side of art.

3. Add to your autograph collection

Often times the guests of honor will have time set aside during the convention to sign autographs. Bring along your own image or buy one there… this is your opportunity to get up close and share your admiration for your favorite actor, author or other horror professional’s work. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Chuck Williams (Bubba Ho-Tep, Fistful of Brains) and Jonathan Breck (The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers), among others.

4. Buy cool stuff

What convention would be without the Dealer’s room? Here you’ll find collectibles, costuming supplies and even irreverent T-shirts. If it has to do with horror and someone is willing to sell it, you’ll be sure to find it in the Dealer’s room. You might also find new horror publications, as well.

5. Meet authors, actors and special effects artists

Sometimes you’ll find these people in the Dealer’s room, sometimes there will be a room dedicated to these “workhorses” of the horror field. More often than not, you’ll be able to strike up an interesting conversation with someone who either illustrated your favorite horror comic, did the makeup in your favorite movie or even played one of the characters in that horror film that kept you up for several nights after seeing it.

6. Dance the night away

If the convention lasts more than one day, there will often be a dance party planned for either Friday or Saturday night. Sometimes the party is come-as-you-are, other times costumes are encouraged. Either way, you can dance the night away with like-minded horror fans.

7. Play dress up

Although you are more than welcome to attend a horror convention in street clothes, you are also very welcome to pretend it’s Halloween and arrive in costume. Obviously, since this is a horror convention, a scary costume will work much better than something less frightening.

Keep in mind that each convention will have its own flavor, so all the above activities may not be available at any given convention…then again, activities not mentioned above very well could be. If nothing else, check out what the convention has to offer and have a good time!

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