Twisted, Tormented Art Comes to Hyaena

The Hyaena Gallery in Burbank, Calif., is showing the work of Ted Von Heiland, mixed media master, now through March 15.

Her Last Kiss Goodbye by Ted Von Heiland
Her Last Kiss Goodbye
by Ted Von Heiland

“Pulling heavily from the realms of anime and science fiction, his mixed media sculptures have both an emotional and a playful side to them. He takes the painted work of artists like Hajime Sorayama into a completely welcome new direction, creating accessible manifestations of these visions that tell complete stories within the context each piece. Von Heiland’s artwork references Fritz Lang’s Metropolis while simultaneously flashing Tetsuo the Iron Man or Japanamation’s Robotech through your head.”

Von Heiland has been making a name for himself within the LA art scene and exhibits regularly in some of the largest group shows. His work has been featured in Girls and Corpses magazine.

An opening reception will be held Saturday, March 7, from 8pm to Midnight. For more information, visit

To view more images of his work, visit these sites:

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