Dragons Available for Slaying at Mall of America

magiquestIf you are on a quest to slay dragons, duel goblins and interact with creatures magical, then go to the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn., go up to the third level and enter MagiQuest, the world’s largest live action fantasy game.

The 12,000 square-foot adventure complex, just outside Sears, allows guests to step into a world of mystery, magic and adventure where they can fight goblins, slay dragons and interact with magical creatures including pixies, princesses and more.

“MagiQuest is an amazing adventure where you’ll literally find imaginations running wild,” said Denise Weston, co-founder and Director of Imagination at MagiQuest. “MagiQuest is a perfect way to combine physical play and computer play while kids or the entire family work together to solve problems and make great memories.”

When you play at MagiQuest, you are a Magi, and enter an interactive game featuring three-dimensional characters, creatures and scenes. With a wave of your magic wand, the adventures are unlocked … more than 100 special effects throughout the MagiQuest facility are triggered by the wand.

Players buy and adorn the magic wand, which is basically a wireless controller. Throughout the game, Magi use clues and hints to solve problems and progress through the game while earning points and power and encountering unique challenges. The wand remembers all of the ‘moves’ made in the game and can be used for future visits to any MagiQuest location so the game never ends.

The ground-breaking technology created for MagiQuest was voted best new interactive gaming technology of 2006 by the Themed Entertainment Association (THEA).

Weston is a psychologist and a national expert on interactive play, and has written several books on playful parenting and kids play. She and co-founders Rick Briggs, Fred Frantz and Jonathan Barney partnered in 1999 to form Creative Kingdoms, which is a company dedicated to creating attractions that keep kids active and engaged. Their partnership resulted in MagiQuest and other ground-breaking attractions that change the way kids play.

“The beauty of MagiQuest is that kids are engaged, challenged, learning and most importantly having fun,” Weston said. “MagiQuest also transcends generations so parents and even grandparents can enjoy and participate in the game at all levels.”

Can’t make it to the Mall of America? No worries! There are other locations, as well, including Myrtle Beach , SC, Pigeon Forge, Tenn., East Hanover, NJ and Japan!

For more information, visit www.magiquest.com.

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