Creatures of the Night Wing it to Ring*Con

Ring*Con 2009Fans of the fantasy films from Harry Potter to Twilight will be converging in Bonn, Germany this October 2-4 for the 8th Annual Ring*Con. Actors from the Harry Potter movies, Lord of the Rings films, Twilight, and more will be guests of honor.

Educational programs include presentations such as, The Influence of Tolkien on Fantasy Role-Playing Games and “You can’t say fairer than that”: The Dialects of Speech of Hobbits and Humans in the novel version of The Lord of the Rings.

A live production of The Blue Elf’s Dream, a Rock-Opera that takes us on a journey through the feelings of humankind, will be presented, as well. Also, singer-songwriter Bobby Long, whose song “Let Me Sign” was used for the Twilight soundtrack, will perform in concert.

Given the heavy list of vampire related guests from Twilight and Blood Ties, it seems only fitting that the event will include a Vampire Party. Better yet, the room the party will be held in is perfectly suited for this experience with red carpets, dark wood, mirrors and crystal flambeaus.

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