Attention Wonder Woman Fans: New Cookbook Honors the Iconic Hero

Have you ever wondered what Wonder Woman ate for breakfast? Wonder no longer. Insight Editions has published Wonder Woman: The Official Cookbook, due on Nov. 17 (you can pre-order now).

Attention Wonder Woman Fans: New Cookbook Honors the Iconic Hero

Since her first appearance in All Star Comics #8 in October 1941, Wonder Woman has inspired fans of all ages with her unwavering moral compass and commitment to preserving peace on Earth. Now she has inspired writer, creative director, and restauranteur Briana Volk to create a cheerful vegetarian cookbook.

Illustrated with full-color photography by Carla Choy, the book features more than 50 vegetarian recipes for cooks of all skill levels. You can find recipes for

  • Battle-Ready Breakfasts,
  • Amazonian Appetizers, Sides, and Snacks,
  • Mighty Mains, and
  • Superhero Sweets

With simple recipe instructions, images of Wonder Woman and her friends (and villains), and even prepared menus for cool superhero–themed parties, this is the perfect cookbook to share with friends, family, and Amazon warriors both big and small.

It is clear that Volk had fun coming up with titles and descriptions for the recipes includes in this cookbook. For example, you can feast on “Goddess Goodies,” “Pallas Athena Popcorn,” and “Olympian Orzo,” then wash it all down with “Mango Lassi of Truth.”

This cookbook makes a fun, flip-through, Coffe Table book, as well as an interesting vegetarian cuisine cookbook. The book is well-made, with thick pages to showcase its photography and graphic art. This makes it a little ungainly in the kitchen, however, are you really buying this so you can make some Paradise Island Pancakes for breakfast?

I think this book is must buy for any Wonder Woman fan. It honors the character and brings a new perspective to it through creative vegetarian recipes. Read my full review of the cookbook on my food blog, Carma’s Cookery.

The Deets on Wonder Woman: The Official Cookbook

Title: Wonder Woman: The Official Cookbook
Author: Briana Volk
Publisher: Insight Editions
Format: 7″ x 8″ Hardcover, 136 pages
ISBN-10: 1647220564
ISBN-13: 978-1647220563
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Wonder Woman: The Official Cookbook

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