99 Heroes Walk Through the Park, 99 Heroes Walk …

the99The Middle East’s first theme park has opened in Jahra, Kuwait, and it features characters from The 99, the world’s first superheroes based on Islamic culture and society.

The theme park, called The 99 Village, includes rides, games and other amusements, as well as a stage show telling the story of The 99. And, of course, life-sized characters of The 99 superheroes lead tours around the park, providing a unique opportunity for kids to interact with their favorite heroes and learn more about their origins.

The new park is the concept of Teshkeel Media Group, creators of the world acclaimed comic series, and United Entertainment & Tourism Company. The partnership plans to develop a series of The 99 Village theme parks throughout the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, also known as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

The 99 features a storyline inspired by the universal values inherent in Islam, and includes characters from around the world. Teshkeel is currently in production of an animated television series for The 99 scheduled for worldwide release. Teshkeel’s partner in the new animated series is Endemol UK, the British-based international television production giant that produces Star Academy, Big Brother, Deal or No Deal, Fear Factor and other megahit international television programs.

Plans call for The 99 Village to open a new park every year for the next six years. The planned developments will alternate between indoor and outdoor parks and represent one of the most ambitious expansion plans for entertainment properties in the region.

In addition to the parks, the joint venture will offer themed merchandise for The 99 that will be available to retail stores throughout the region.

“When I first created THE 99,” said Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa, Founder and CEO of Teshkeel Media Group, “I told people that, ‘next Ramadan the world will have new heroes.’ These days I tell people, ‘The world has new heroes and today you can go and visit them in Jahra!'”

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